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180 x 87 x 21 mm
205 g
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Items delivered

  • Casio FX-9750G II
  • Quick start guide (German/English)
  • Full manual available on CD
    and as a Download
  • Software-CD
  • Hard case
  • Batteries (4 x AAA)
The Casio FX-9750G II is a modern graphing calculator with a high definition monochrome display, 64kB memory and USB connection..
  • 64 kB Programme memory
  • Large high-definition monochrome display with 8 21-character lines
  • Graphic functions: Dynamic graphic, dual graphic, inequations (graphic), parameter graphic, polar coordinates (graphic)
  • Calculation of value tables and graphic functions
  • Integral operations using Simpson’s rule
  • Calculation with complex numbers
  • Calculation of matrices
  • Calculation of linear equations (two to six unknowns), quadratic and cubic equations
  • SCI/FIX/ENG function
  • Converts polar coordinates into rectangular coordinates and vice versa
  • Calculates in degree, grad and radian
  • Automatic fraction calculation
  • Random number generator
  • Two dimensional statistics
  • Advanced statistical functions of inferential statistics such as t-Test, Chi square Test, normal distribution, binomial distribution
  • Permutation, combinatorics, regression analysis
  • Calculation and conversion into decimal/Hexadecimal/Octal/Binary
  • Logic operations
  • Programme editor
  • Financial mathematical functions such as interest and compound interest calculation, cashflow, amortisation
  • Data exchange with other graphic calculators (optional SB-62) or PC by USB cable (optional) possible.

    more info here: Link to CASIO

    Casio approval regulations Switzerland for bulk school orders (PDF)
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