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36 Months
77 x 165 x 11 mm
90 g
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The Casio FX-991EX with 552 functions is a high-performance technical and scientific pocket calculator from Casio with an impressive high-resolution LC display. It has double the usual memory for performing a wide range of statistical calculations.
  • Display: LCD with 192 x 63 pixels, 10 + 2 digits
  • Natural display: The "natural display" lets you input and display fractions, square roots and other numerical expressions just as they appear in your textbook.
  • Repetition / correction functions
  • QR code function (result visualisation on your smartphone or tablet)
  • Solving up to fourth order equations, inequations and simultaneous equations
  • Numerical calculation of integrals and differentials
  • Calculating minimum and maximum in quadratic functions
  • 4x4 matrix and vector operations (incl. ref/rref)
  • Tabular calculations
  • Function calculations using the Calc key (temporary formula memory)
  • Verify function: checks the equality of two expressions.
  • Prime factorisation
  • 9 memories for variables
  • 40 unit conversions
  • 47 scientific constants
  • Calculating with technical units and symbols
  • Calculations to base n (BIN/OCT/DEC/HEX)
  • Angular calculations of and between DEG, RAD, GRAD
  • Conversion of polar coordinates into right-angled coordinates and vice versa
  • Calculating with complex numbers
  • Comprehensive list-based statistics with 1 & 2 variables
  • Distribution functions (normal distribution and inverse normal distribution, binomial distribution, Poisson distribution)
  • Integer random numbers
  • Logical operations
  • Permutations and combinatorics
  • Power supply: solar operation with backup battery
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