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Hewlett Packard
24 Months
81 x 145 x 15 mm
125 g
Directions for Use
German, Italian, French, English

Items delivered

  • HP 17bII+ Financial Calculator
  • Printed quick reference guide (40 pages)
    (complete manual as download)
  • Protective case
  • Batteries (2 x CR2032)

    Demo version: HP 17bII+ (English)
The HP 17bII+ is a powerful calculator for all professionals in real estate, trade and finance.
  • 28 KB memory for storing data, lists and equations
  • Over 250 easy-to-use functions
  • HP Solve application / equation solver: enter an equation and calculate every unknown value. A lot easier than programming!
  • Financial calculations: for loans, savings and leasing agreements plus repayment plans.
  • Interest rate conversions: nominal and effective interest rates.
  • Discounted cash flows for calculating the net cash value and internal return flow.
  • Bonds: price or yield at any chosen time. Annual or half-yearly coupons; calendar formats 30/360 and actual/actual.
  • Depreciation: declining-balance, sum-of-the-years digits, straight-line and ACRS methods.
  • Commercial percentage calculations: percentage change, percentage share, markup and markdown.
  • Foreign exchange calculations between two currencies
  • Statistics: average, correlation coefficient, linear estimates and other statistical calculations.
  • Time: clock, calendar, appointments
  • Two-variable statistics and list-based forecasts
  • Current value calculations, repayments, mortgages, closing costs, returns, net cash values, shares, depreciation, forecasts, currency conversions (incl. euros), percentages and much more ...
  • Algebraic and RPN input
  • Infrared interface
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