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Hewlett Packard
24 Months
82 x 158 x 18 mm
125 g
Directions for Use
German, Italian, French, English

Items delivered

  • HP 35s (F2215A)
  • Printed quick reference guide (65 pages:)
    (Complete manual on CD and as download)
  • Protective case
  • Batteries (2 x CR2032, approx. 270 h, incl. power off memory protection)
The HP 35s meets the highest quality standards and is the ideal scientific pocket calculator for engineers, surveyors, students, scientists and doctors.
  • 31 KB user memory and 800+ memory registers
  • 2-line (14 character) display with contrast setting
  • Internal accuracy: 15 digits
  • 13 bracket levels or 13 pending operations
  • Input logic: Algebraic (ALG) or RPN
  • Programmable Functions (keystroke programming)
  • HP-Solve application (enables equations to be entered and solved for every variable without having to change the original equation)
  • Solves linear and quadratic functions
  • Over 100 integrated functions
  • 42 physical constants
  • Unit conversion
  • Integral calculus (numerical)
  • N-based functions (DEC, OCT, HEX, BIN)
  • Rounding and fraction-to-decimal conversion
  • Time conversions (HMS -> decimal/decimal -> HMS)
  • Complex numbers and factorials
  • Single- and two-variable statistics
  • Maxima, minima, median, mean and cumulative values
  • Standard deviation
  • Permutations and combinations
  • Boolean logic and random numbers
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