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TI Little Professor Solar

Primary school calculators

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The "Little Professor" solar calculator from Texas Instruments provides learning through fun by encouraging mental arithmetic. The Little Professor does not perform calculations but provides tasks in the 4 basic operations and checks the answers the pupil gives.

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Texas Instruments
36 Months
75 x 150 x 13 mm
110 g
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  • "Little Professor" Solar
  • Manual
  • Slidecase (protection cover)


  • Gives scores for correct answers and visual rewards when 5 problems are answered correctly.
  • Select between +, -, * and / and from 5 levels of difficulty.
  • Arithmetic functions are specified randomly.
  • Correct answers are rewarded with a "wobbling hat and mustache" image.
  • An incorrect entry will give you an error message with a second attempt to answer correctly.
  • Math facts are presented in the four basic arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Difficulty levels are individually selectable from level one, which is considered "very easy" to level five which is considered “more challenging”.
  • Robust shell.
  • Very environmentally friendly solar powered learning tool.
  • Recommended for preschool, primary school as well as, special needs school age children.
  • The Little Professor is not a calculator it is a learning tool, similar to electronic flashcards.
  • Lack of sound minimizes classroom interruption while in use by multiple students.
  • Solar powered

    Der Blaue Engel schützt das Klima