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76 x 160 x 13 mm
96 g
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The FX-991ES PLUS 2nd edition scientific calculator with 580 functions and new distribution functions is the most technically advanced model in the FX-ES Plus series making solving equations easy.
  • 580 integrated functions
  • The "natural display" enables you to enter fractions, square roots and other numerical expressions in the same way and display them exactly as they will appear in your textbook.
  • Display: Natural-V.P.A.M., LCD (Dot-Matrix), 31 x 96 dots, 10 + 2 digits
  • NEW: Distribution functions (Normal distribution and inverse normal distribution)
  • NEW: Calculation of maximum and minimum of a function
  • NEW: enhanced equation solver
  • NEW: recurring decimal fractions
  • NEW: Random integers
  • NEW: statistical calculation of quartiles
  • NEW: 40 Unit conversions
  • Integral and differential calculus
  • 40 physical constants
  • 20 pairs of values for metric conversions
  • Solving of equations (linear, high-order)
  • 1 accumulative memory and 6 constant memories
  • Automatic fraction calculator (two modes)
  • Functions table
  • Function calculation using the Calc key (temporary formula memory)
  • 24 levels of parentheses
  • Repeat/correction function
  • Numeric integration/numeric differentiation
  • Base n calculations (BIN/OCT/DEC/HEX)
  • Calculation in degree, grad and radian
  • Converts polar coordinates into rectangular coordinates and vice versa
  • Calculation with complex numbers
  • Matrix and vector operations
  • Statistics (List-based statistics with 1 & 2 variables)
  • Logical operations
  • Permutations and combinatorics
  • Random number generator
  • Energy supply: Solar powered with an auxiliary battery
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