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TI-30X Pro MathPrint

Scientific calculators

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The new school scientific calculator TI-30X Pro MathPrint by Texas Instruments is so technically advanced that it is recommended for use in secondary schools and higher education.

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Texas Instruments
36 Months
80 x 184 x 16 mm
130 g
Directions for Use
German, French, Italian, English

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Items delivered

  • TI-30X Pro MathPrint calculator
  • English manual (only as download)
  • Protective cover
  • Batterie (2 x CR2032)

    Also available: TI-SmartView MathPrint Emulator Software.
    The Emulator Software offers a greater range of functions than the TI-30X Pro MathPrint school calculator, providing additional options for preparing and giving lessons. Show the class how the school calculator works. There are two different view options to choose from: TI-30X Pro MathPrint and TI-30X Plus MathPrint. Or use previously prepared notes in the lesson. Ideal in combination with interactive whiteboards.


  • High-resolution display with up to four lines of 16 characters guarantees easier readability and enables e.g. the display of two functions in the value table
  • "MathPrint": Input and output in mathematical notation (as in the maths book)
  • NEW: Operating system display ensures greater exam security
  • Equation solver (numerical equation, polynomial and system linear equations)
  • Numerical differentiation and integration of real functions
  • Vector and matrix calculations
  • A wide range of functions for arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, stochastics and analysis
  • Fractions with a horizontal fraction bar and fraction function calculations (reduction, conversion of fractions/decimals/percentages; change between improper fractions and mixed numbers)
  • Converts at the touch of a button: fractions, square roots and Pi into decimals and vice versa
  • Prime factorisation, GCD and LCM functions
  • Easy calculation with variables and function values
  • Calculates partial sum and partial product
  • Increased functionality for statistical data analysis
  • Enter and store value tables and assign any desired functions
  • Basic data/list editor with three lists and list formulae
  • One- and two-variable statistics with continuous input autosave for statistical variables.
  • Stochastic functions: calculates n!, means and standard deviations plus probabilities, in particular binomial and normal distributions
  • Broad range of regression models (linear, non-linear and NEW: natural exponential functions (e^x))
  • Measures of location and dispersion, also the median and quartiles
  • Calculating with complex numbers
  • Summation of any terms
  • Calculates with and converts between binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal numbers (BIN/OCT/DEC/HEX)
  • Angular conversion DEG/RAD/GRAD
  • Metric conversions and physical constants
  • Random generator for numbers and integers
  • The Equation Recall function calls up previous inputs, saved values and individual statistics from the memory.
  • Continuous autosave: no entry gets lost
  • Memory for seven variables (x,y,z,t,a,b,c)
  • Battery operation backed up by solar cells to prolong battery life